About me

Why this blog? I have an enormous load on my mind and secretly I always wanted to write. Putting thoughts on paper is so powerful. It would be nice for my children to look back at their mothers life episodes, so here we are.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, what I consider the most beautiful place on earth. We should all hold that opinion of our birthplace, it usually only happens once you get taken away from it for a long time. I’ve been teaching English in different settings to second language learners in South Korea, Saudi Arabia and now China. During all my experiences I’v learnt so much from people of all walks of life, its wonderful! Sometimes they stay, sometimes they go. Many things in life aren’t permanent, we don’t hold on to the river bank, we go with the stream. My blog is my diary, more like an open diary. So here you are – a glimpse into my world of my pursuit to live life as a Global Wellness Ambassador, inspiring and helping others to be their best me, haha.  I’m hoping one day someone else can laugh, frown or say: hey that happened to me too! I don’t watch  tv that much, you see, life is filled with entertainment, no need to click the red button. Oh! one last thing, please don’t get upset about my not so perfect images etc, I’m still learning the technology business. Remember the tag line, every day gets better and better. Feel free to comment at any time. Until next time…. Char