I’m not…

But it doesn’t mean that I’m not striving for it. I do!

And in the same process I’ve come to discover some things about me: (funny that I’m writing this in the last month of the year)

1. I always have too many things on my plate

2. I feel terrible abandoning projects or saying no to a great project

3. I really love supporting and cheerleading others

4. I no longer get mad when people copy or use my idea because it wasn’t mine to keep in any case. It was mine to use, show and inspire.

5. I’m fucking amazing, my brain is so damn powerful I just need to learn how to tame it some days.

6. I truly love spending time on my personal development but I get so distracted.

7. I’m a great planner but not so great executor.

8. I do love learning From Everyone, especially older and experienced people in their field.

9. Im really struggling getting rid of the pooch belly and I know exactly why.

10. In the end, I still love being Charlene.

And just like that I’ve answered all the questions I had, why things aren’t getting done and why my thought processes are all over the place.

It only takes a few moments for me to sit down quietly, allow the thoughts to flow freely and put them down in writing. Voila!!

Amazeballs as always, writing is my therapy.

But isn’t this quote just awesome? Yes yes!


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