Pick yourself up!


I’m having a calming, relaxing Sunday trying to cover the soft bubbles of worry under the surface.

Let’s start on the smooth side, I grew up with Sunday night being a highlight of the past week and preparing for the new week. It’s kinda still the same, only the thought processes and responsibilities are different.

So here I am, remembering my week, the good, the bad, the current with my delectable spread and bubbly. I’ve been planning this meal since Monday, looking forward to the moment. And so here I am, perfect date night on my lazy boy with Jason Mraz. Need I say more? Mhm


Then the rough part, our family got thrown a rock late last night with brother’s health taking a different turn. We were all shocked and didn’t know how to react to the situation. I cried, grandma cried, mom cried, I can only imagine how brother is feeling. We question everything, including Gods hand on the situation. Humans do this, regardless of anything. And then we either choose to take a step back, breathe and say, I can’t control this situation, or,,,,,,,,,? yeah well, I’m not going the other route now.

My heart goes out to my parents as church folk who had to get up this morning to minister to their community, regardless of how they feel. I had planned to go to church followed by my first meetup gathering. The idea of cancelling crossed my mind, I wish I had 2 hours to sulk and crawl into a hole, I had 30 minutes of breakdown,  put on my big girl panties and be a grown up. Luckily I was able to do me and my task, returning to later finding myself back to sulking again. And then? Shook it off to continue with life. And honestly, I’d rather have this than not doing me and life at the same time. 2 mini meltdowns in one day is probably okay right? And as I ended number 2, I asked one friend who happened to check up on me that very moment to say a prayer and send good thoughts my family’s way. I do believe in the energy of people, I don’t need to share too much detail, it’s a case for goodness, that’s all.


But here I am, Sunday evening reflections, because I want to, I have to, For me, For those I love, For those I care about, and more importantly, for my Soul! The good sigh just came out, I’m calm, I’m okay, and tomorrow will be better. This week will be better, why would I wish for anything else? Fuck that shit, fuck off somewhere else!

Care to dare feel good and hopeful!

Love and light, to a new week. Soar!

In health and wellness,

Love, Charlene



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