A journey of a lifetime

So the trend in the past few years have been, My journey. I’m on a health journey, a renewed journey etc. Even me I use it, cause I’m on my transformation

Before we get there, I’m going to quickly side track….

I’m no wordsmith, but I do pay attention to words, how I describe myself, and how I talk to myself. And in my books, this is essential. We critique ourselves the hardest, we are mean to us and we don’t even realise it. Honestly, sometimes it takes time to be gentle with yourself, I know this cause I’ve experienced it.

Months ago I met someone had a random chat. We talked about food etc., I said I love pizza. We didn’t get to the fact that I’m also super health conscious in my own ways yet the guy commented, so it’s your cheat day? I stopped and said, I don’t do cheat days, I eat what I want. I don’t cheat on myself. He said: Oh you’re one of those uptight CEO ladies that’s super sensitive about everything. And I went mhmmm, this is how he perceives me. Ok, well that’s fine. Moving on….. I claim the CEO for sure! Amen!

Sensitive? Yes, you should know how you use negative words over your life. Be careful of repeating the same things to yourself over and over. It appears meaningless at the time, but you’re creating that negative chat cycle. You can maintain modesty, but not to the detriment of your integrity and respect for You.

Back to the journey, and my issue with this word. In 2009 I had my first experience with the Law of Attraction. I’ve always been passionate about mental well-being, but I was not aware of this concept and how practical it can be applied in every day life.

After 2 years of practicing the law of attraction I was very tuned in and tapped on with my conscious being. It was great. To an extend, I knew and became aware of what lies beyond as well, in the subconscious and unconscious. My belief system shifted, I felt great. I thought this was it, my journey to discover me has been completed. Haha, see the journey. For clarification, I coupled the law of attraction with my religious beliefs and my knowledge of psychology.

And then came life barriers, The real big ones, and I went, but didn’t I deal with that already?

Haven’t we passed this stage? Why are we here again? I’m not supposed to be here, I’ve done the work.

Naive Charlene, thinking that whatever happened or was dealt with in the past will never return. Thinking that the life will be perfect from here on. Sorry booboo, it doesn’t work that way.

And this is why I have changed my line about being on a journey.

A week ago, my brother asked me, Are you still studying? When will you stop? I said, youshould never close yourself for learning and developing. These words I was saying to him and to myself. You can’t always rely on past lessons and experiences. You have to be open to learn, experience more and more. It’s not about going to school, oh no, your lessons are around you Every Single Day. This Is My Life.

Journeys have a start and end point. My life is continuous. It evolves, it moves, it can never stagnate. It flows, it’s active. When I go on a project, task, travel experience, these are journeys. They have a starting and ending point. But living my lifestyle is forever. You see I can never go back, I can’t have what I used to, I can’t depend on the lady, I smile at the past and I’m excited for the future. But for today, I live, it’s my life to learn and grow into a beautiful oak tree with the most vibrant green leaves.

On that note, it’s also about your interpretation and understanding right? And for me, I’m on my life.

Breathe, Smile, Feel, Love, Give.



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