It’s just stuff

What do you hoard? I used to hoard shoes but over the years I’ve drastically reduced my pile. I quickly discovered the I hoard PDF’s of all kind, I used to hoard music files but then I ran out of space on my laptop and my hard drives. And now I’m running out of space in my life hahahaha

It’s hilarious right? Where does this come from? From having nothing to always keeping your arms open to get more?

I think it comes from the fear of losing things, physically and emotionally. We are in a world where so much is going on, we consume more outside things, we care more of the external than the internal. We create beliefs and values based on Stuff on the exterior. And then you’re afraid of missing out, also known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), on important trends happening around you. You’re afraid you’ll be left behind. So you HOLD On to things. You also want to fill up your reserve and your super-reserve haha. And! We want to be ready – prepared at all times. But it doesn’t work that way.

You justify it by saying: I will read it one day, I will listen to it one day, I will wear it one day, I will use it one day. Come on! How many one days have passed and you never thought of that Thing? Mhmm, speaking to myself and the masses right now.

Oh then there’s my favourite – I need it! I want it! Haha, what do you need? How do you know you need it? Hilarious! I’ve lost files in the past, once it’s gone there’s nothing you or any technician can do about it. That’s it!

So sometimes, when I feel a bit overwhelmed I have to clear clutter and get rid of stuff. I clean up or scrub something in order to release tension or whatever. It works for me! I can also praise myself for the all to popular ‘One thing in- Another thing out. I live by this! When I buy a new clothes/shoes/bags, I do get rid of an old item. It’s not everything that I hold on to. In my entire wardrobe I have about 5 clothing items not regularly worn, I’d say that’s a good number. For shoes? Mhm, maybe 3 pairs of heels bought on a sale, that I can get rid of now. I walk daily using public transport etc, heels aren’t comfortable for me.

In China, I have a girlfriend who is on the minimalist lifestyle. I’ve learnt new tricks and adjustments from her. And this led me to my new wardrobe plans, space plans etc.

So far, I’ve gotten rid of my sofa, Yes, I said sofa. It’s one of the things that makes me the laziest. Cause if you have shit to do, you need to pay attention to what’s holding you back. That damn sofa was like a magnet, it draws you in so much, by the time you check your watch your entire day has passed. I’m really serious. So now I camp out on the floor (carpeted and cushioned). Not always comfy, but I’ve had to learn to adjust and make this situation doable. Isn’t that what flexibility is really about?

There’s more to come, this is only the start.

Peace and love,



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