Thank you for clarity.

Human beings are all stubborn. The more exposure to the outside world, the more out of touch we grow with the inside world, this is my opinion based on my experience. The good thing is, there are always opportunities to balance, harmonise and grow more awareness of the inside world. And of course once you have this, you can consciously decide to change or ignore, hahaha.

My birth mother passed away when I was 12. My birth father passed away when I was 26. We didn’t have much stability, but my mom was my rock and armour. I grieved heavily for mom until I was 20. I had no clarity. I questioned God’s actions. Dads death brought a different type of questioning for God and life, a lesson I also only learnt a year ago.

When you’re an only child, you have very little to fall on, to blame, to ask, I’m going to put a LOL here cause this might sound funny. I always used to joke as a child, Who can I blame if I want to pretend, all fingers will always point at me. Anyway, that’s life, preparing you for your future.

And now as a grown woman, things are starting to make so much sense. The clarity is here, in my face, the reasons are here, crystal clear. So much so, that I thank them for making me, introducing me to life and handing me over to humanity at the right times.

And then I remember my mother (who raised me since), in her words: Faithful God fearing people are always under attack from the enemy, I don’t know why. But I have to continue Gods work, even when I get hurt. And now I believe the same, all of the work you’ve done in the past doesn’t mean it’s done, nothing is done. The more battles you overcome, the stronger you become. But because our mentality is start-finish-done mode, that’s why we question future challenges. What we don’t realise is that these things come to you as: Check yourself sister! Do you still remember this one? Are you still on track or have you fallen of? Anyway, these are just some. Our work for ourselves, just like our work for the Higher power and the universe are never ever Done.

The cycle of life will always continue.

And within this cycle, signs of clarity and answers to your questions will arise. We have to pay attention, we have to be vigilant. I now know why God removed them from this earth at the times when it happened. I’ve made peace with it.

Last week, I realised in haste I got all upset and confused. But yesterday, after conversations with 2 beautiful souls I received the answers. Thank you Charlene, for paying attention.

But also remember this, oh man, this is so awesome and relates to my previous post

So yeah, haha I freakin love this shit.

Sorry – Apologies.




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