My heart is singing

Have you had this experience? Today I made a really big decision. One that I’ve longed for, for years.

You know that time when you wanted to do it but but but but, all of that stopped you. And then it’s almost out of nowhere you change and take a leap of faith. And boy am I taking a massive step in faith, in God, in me, and in my future existence on this earth.

If it wasn’t for Gods protection, His Holy Spirit, my family, my strong will and endurance, the universe sending the right signs and people, I have no idea where I would’ve been right now.

I have them, they know it, I know it, God knows it.

And today, my heart is singing.

Excited, nervous, excited excited, little nervous yet Very Excited!

Charlene, I love you.

Marching on, marching forward.

Believe in You, learn to get to know You.


The hustle and bustle

It’s after 11pm and I didn’t have dinner. I mismanaged the time tonight because I was ‘busy’ with something else. Even ordinary laidback people can’t always keep up with their schedule, life, work etc. The very same goes for me. And when I F up, I admit to it and try not to be too hard on myself.

However, I WILL not quit.

Oh Hell No!

At the same time, this body is my temple, it is my responsibility. So, had I not meal planned, I would’ve grabbed something outside on my way home from gym.

And what ‘ good’ can you grab at 10pm in the evening? [Chuckle]. I can grab something outside on the weekend but I can’t do it every day. No no no. Always make sure you keep some real food in the house. Start today for a better tomorrow.

This is a small portion from the meal prep meal below:

I’m going to hit the sack at around 1:30-2:00am, I want to finish some tasks before I start my new day. Let me get onto that now. Good night my lovelies [Joyful][Grin][Grin]

You deserve the best!

And that’s what everyone says, ‘you deserve the best!’ Whose best? Yours or mine? Now let’s talk about mine since I’m being spoken to.

April was my birthday month. Traditionally birthdays are celebrated in a way that brings people to you, the build up excitement and enthusiasm and of course the anticipation for the clock to reach the hour. It’s invigorating! This time around, I did it exactly my way. One things for sure, You can never hide it, and that’s not my intention at all. I truly believe it is a day that should be celebrated, but I’m all about the heart and minds feelings, connecting and syncing together with the body. Lets see, dad says because of all the Zumba, today you can eat as you wish then you can do your exercise.

Brother says, did you tell your coworkers? That’s the best way to receive a gift. Mom says, treat yourself girl! She knew what I was on about. And luckily for me on that afternoon my last class got cancelled, meaning Freedom!

I decided to use the entire afternoon for me and I kept my special trip towards the end of April.

Birthday business line up:

-At lunch time went to the nail shop for a mani and pedi,

-Then picked up a bunch of sunflowers,

– After that I stopped to buy a dress for the white party – done! (Pic taken at the party below)

-Lastly, I went for light lunch, cold noodles, just the way I like them.

-Evening time I made a birthday platter, poured a class of bubbly and enjoyed the cool breeze on my balcony.

Now that I totally deserved! And I loved every minute of it.

It was a splendid day, best choices made to start the new Year!

But wait, how did the day start? Like any other, with prayers and thanks to God and the universe. And it ended this way too.

Life is bold, bright and Beaaaauuuyiful!

PS! This post has been in my drafts for exactly one month since my birthday and to finally release it today is sentimentally profound. One of the ‘nicest’ personal posts I’ve blogged for myself. So exciting, really. Just finishing off the story brought back the memories and the butterflies.

Joy and Inner Peace,