I binged again – then I bounced back

This is a rather old post but for my personal growth I have to do it. Last week I had a really tough day, one of those that no one wants to experience.

I’ve been controlling my eating habits really well, even to the point that I know how useless snacking can be sometimes. I’m serious, we don’t always have to pop food into our mouths just because. So one thing I experiment with (learnt from Deepak Chopra) is to put my hand on my stomach and say, how hungry am I? Is this hunger or thirst? Is this huger attached to something that occurred or is it real? This easy technique has helped me a lot so far. I’d say I follow this 97% of the time, especially weekdays when I’m at home.

So let me take this minute to praise myself, I’ve come a long way when it comes to emotional eating, the fact that I can consciously admit the uselessness of some food items when I’m in a good mood is great evidence to me. And just like I stopped adding the sugar in my coffee, on a random day, so too I will stop the unnecessary snacking. It will come.

Back to the binge day, I didn’t know how to control my emotions. I decided between getting out of the house (which could lead to all sorts of temptations), and taking the 2 potatoes and roasting them in the oven. While I was sitting and contemplating what to do, I was munching on my students small sweet rice cake snacks, let’s say 5 of those. Mhm mmm.

And here they are,

Looks delicious right? It wazzzzz! First I boiled them, then peeled, sprinkled some coconut oil, herbs & straight into the oven. (Gotta love my toaster oven). I didn’t have to eat all that potatoes but I did. Slowly, elegantly and sipping my last glass of red. While I was eating I calmly said, ‘you know this is too much’ and then came that motherly voice, ‘make sure you finish your food! Don’t waste’. Now as I’m writing this, I’m like damn! That mother voice always popping out trying to kill my buzz. Next time I’m going to kill it!

Anyway, this is what I know:

1. Bad experiences can arise;

2. Don’t just act, try to place yourself in a calm space, then make your decision;

3. F……. cry it out! Just let it out;

4. Eventually you have to turn to someone and vent a little, choose your dialogue carefully – not the full story. ( unless you’re ok with the listener);

5. Start thinking of your way forward now that you know what you know;

6. And lastly, the famous one, what will I do next time this kind of experience happens?

it’s never easy at the beginning, but along the road I’ve become better at managing myself and my situations. And……. I’m still in love with life.

Written with love,



What is Healthy Living In China?

A post that is long overdue, finally! Any project owner, creator, innovator and shape shifter has to sit down and define what they want their name to stand for. This is mine.

As an individual who thrives on human development, growth and inspiration from ordinary people, I’ve always had the desire to be in the ‘help’ industry. By this I mean the area that focuses on human improvement, connecting the main elements of your wellbeing, in order to live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The name speaks for my current place of residence as well, I’m in a city called Guangzhou, which is in the South Of China. As an expat, finding a healthy lifestyle can be very challenging, well for any busy person it can be difficult. We are in a world of fast moving and shaking, where it is almost a shame to stop for a minute to have a glance at your reflection. I’m here to say hell no to that.

I believe in the little joys of life, in life and around your life. We can start small and grow bigger, until you reach your actualisation. And in most cases, there’ll be another one.

Back to the point, my goal is to build and grow the Healthy Living In China brand as a wellness brand that focuses on key areas as reflected in this image.

To me, this is what defines wellness. My personal area of specialisation is the Emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual areas. I find these to be the most neglected in the health industry. It’s like the ‘take 5 min a day’ to feed your soul, really? Why only 5minutes? So for the rest of the 1440minutes in a day only 5 are good enough to care for your soul? Mhm, doesn’t sound quite right. So this is me. I care deeply about this neglected area.

With all that being said, I learn and teach myself every day. And I try to make it as effortless as possible, because just like everyone, I’m a busy person too.

Through this, I hope for someone to experience a lightbulb moment, Aha moment, reminder, reflection or deep provoking thoughts. My posts are thoughts and reflections about life, observations and human development. I’m here to share with love.

Enjoy reading and discovering HLIC!