My enemy – My friend

My name is Charlene, I’m an emotional eater.

Sounds like an AA meeting right? Yeah, little did we know that most addictive behaviours possess the same behavioural traits. It’s sad that drugs and alcohol have to be labelled the black sheep and to some degree many think these are the only addictions with the greatest damage. My point; it might show the biggest outer side-effects, but the traits of an alcoholic, drug addict, shopaholic, bulger, and the list goes on and on, they all share similar emotional roller coasters. And then, many don’t even know that Food Is A Drug!

I’ve been fighting with Emotional eating for years, without being aware of it. And in a few days time I’ll be sharing some highlights of my journey with a small group, interested in Healthy Living in China. Very excited and very nervous.

The food drug drove me insane, sometimes still. But but but but, I’m at a stage where I take most of my control back from the food and the behaviour. Gone are the days where I’m relying on food to comfort my negative and sad emotions. I live on the opposite side now. I didn’t want to come out then because I didn’t fully understand what was really going on. But now I say: ‘fuck off’ this is my life and I’m in charge, not potato chips.

Celebrate good times come on, da da da da da da da da , it’s a celebration! Literally singing. This shit ain’t easy. I don’t ride rollercoasters, but trust me when I say, I know what it feels like to be on one. Yet I’m super proud of having a more meaningful understanding of what Emotional Eating really is. I’ve been blogging about some episodes in the past but never did I say ‘I am an Emotional Eater’. People take this up lightly, as if it’s nothing. For me EE has been in charge of my life for years. But for a few months I’ve actively and consciously decided to turn things around.

I had to get this off my chest before I forget the feeling on this memorable day. I’m a new born baby, ready to Live, Learn, Love, and Share.

There’ll definitely be many more posts about my EE journey.

Optimal wellness and a mindful understanding of health and fitness is my passion and purpose for this world. I can study, read, talk, write about this all day long. This right here is my life. I want to learn more to inspire more. Once many of us human beings understand this, our lives will be so much easier and pleasing. Oh man!

My soul is getting warm by writing this. It’s like a beautiful flame inside, a light that can never go away.

Now, I Luuuuuuuuurv cooking for myself. I love the idea of creating balanced meals for myself. One must take back ownership of your life from whatever negative forces crossed paths with your mind and soul. Change starts today, for a better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I fail, I stumble, I take a step back, but I never stop slide to the bottom.

The things I learn along the way, are my helping resources every single day.

I love you Charlene for always being willing to start over and push carry go!

Because I am Bold, Bright & Beautiful!



There‚Äôs no right time.

Once upon a time we all felt pain and sorrow. And in that time you feel the pain, you make the decision of fighting your battle with all your armour. Until one day, you lose. Usually that day when you lose, you want to cuddle your little teddy bear. And when it’s not around, you reach for anything else that resembles the comfort from good old teddy. Deep down inside, we have the burning desire to share it with the people that matter most. But this is another difficult step.

You plan and you wait for that day, it’s almost like an entry on your planner: ‘Tell so and so or speak to so and so’. And on that day your so and so is not available. You try again, haha, it doesn’t work. Because……. there’s no right time.

Every minute is the right time. Letting go and talking to that special someone doesn’t need ‘the right time’. But one thing I know to be true, it needs you to be ready to silently breathe and speak up. Speak up and let it roll off your chest like a soft silk scarf, gently.

And so it was and so shall it be.

And I created the most beautiful moment.

And life is just beautiful

Because every day, it gets better and better.