Clicking reset

And today I’m starting all over! It’s December 30th and so much is going on. People are making NYE plans, holiday plans (we have more than 1 monthπŸ€—) and I’m just here, thinking……

1) about my AFAA courseI never started, due to expire Jun 2018

2) the First Aid course I have to take in order to do the GFInstructor exam

3) Getting my body in shape

4) studying Chinese

5) travelling to somewhere in china or Asia

6) how much money I have – and what I can spend

7) needing a new iPhone and laptop

8) my part time commitments

9) visiting family – most expensive trip 😜

And I’m just gonna stop here

There goes…. and I didn’t list the most important one – ME. Becoming a better soul. Which is the key thing. Without a better soul I won’t be able to do any of these things well. Right? I’m talking to myself right now. And so we always neglect taking care of our souls and understanding ourselves on a deeper level. I acknowledge this step and I’m also acknowledging the fact that I will take action, hence the title; RESET.

I’m learning to start over again, after all I am a scholar of life. It is also fun to start over – yet very intimidating and exciting. That’s how I feel.

I had a major sleep in today, my breakfast at 1pm was proats (oats with passion fruit, blue berries, seeds and goji berries) with my homemade special cappuccino. I hit the washing machine to wash the linen and some other stuff and now I’m chilling on the sofa to do some personal reading. It’s already a fabulous day. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—.